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KPBS Roundtable on CCWs

July 3, 2015

This clip is posted as a news item and to offer a response regarding the topic of Edward Peruta’s reasoning for attempting to obtain a CCW permit in San Diego, California.

The Topic of this segment of the KPBS program is the Federal case brought by Edward Peruta, one of the hosts of Summary Judgement.

The clip is presented to demonstrate how individuals can discuss issues regarding real world circumstances without all the facts.

It would be irresponsible to use segments of this program which could leave out valid issues presented by the panel.

It’s a good clip except for the comment/question by Mario the male reporter questioning why you would need a firearm for personal safety as a journalist.

I can only believe that Mario from the Voice of San Diego has always arrived at breaking news scenes after the police, fire or EMS arrival. A link to the entire KPBS program is provided in this clip.